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Sustainable, Generational, Spiritual Impact

At Korah Funds, we believe that all investments have impact. Whether you invest in a public company, private offering or ESG fund your capital will make a difference. At Korah, we seek to focus on creating sustainable and lasting spiritual impact for the next generation. Korah Funds invests in real estate assets to help families build wealth and the next generation find purpose, direction and meaning. 

Meet Your Team

Our team combines decades of experience in ministry and real estate investment to guide your capital towards meaningful impact.


Dave Park

Bridging ministry with market expertise.

Tim Vickers

Fostering communities of generous leaders.

Aaron Leatherdale

Empowering entrepreneurs with investment freedom.

Caleb Edwards

Helping entrepreneurs achieve real estate portfolio freedom.

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Discover how Korah Funds is investing in real estate assets to create legacies of wealth, purpose, and direction.