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Investing with purpose, building for eternity.

At Korah Funds, we recognize that every investment casts a long shadow. Our mission goes beyond financial returns; we are dedicated to forging paths of sustainable and spiritual impact that resonate through generations. Specializing in real estate investments, Korah Funds empowers families to cultivate wealth while guiding the next generation towards fulfilling lives marked by purpose, direction, and deep spiritual meaning.


Meet Your Team

Our team combines decades of experience in ministry and real estate investment to guide your capital towards meaningful impact.


Dave Park

Managing Partner

Dave Park, Managing Partner of Korah Funds, combines his passion for ministry with investing. With a start in Manhattan in 2012, he expanded his real estate investments to New Jersey, Philadelphia, and the Midwest.

Formerly a partner at KC Capital Group, he concentrated on commercial multifamily assets. Korah Funds, inspired by his twin passions, seeks innovative ministry funding via real estate.

Tim Vickers

Chief Impact Officer

Tim Vickers, with over two decades in the Northeast, is the Regional Director of Young Life in the Garden State Region. He co-founded Generosity New York and the national Generous.Life movement, nurturing communities of giving

Formerly a VP at the National Christian Foundation NYC and founding director of Mission Increase Greater NY, Tim excels at catalytic connections, innovating ministry models, and championing leaders and missions.

Aaron Leatherdale


Aaron began his real estate venture at 22, with the purchase of a 4-plex. He then built a portfolio of 1000+ units and founded multiple businesses in the real estate sector. His expertise covers strategic planning, creative financing, and deal
negotiation. Aaron’s persistence and optimism make him a powerhouse in closing deals and aiding others’ growth.

Caleb Edwards

Investor Relations

Caleb started his first business at 11 and has juggled various ventures while valuing family and faith. After a personal crisis, he discovered high-return passive real estate investing. He now guides entrepreneurs and investors towards financial freedom with alternative passive investments, emphasizing life’s true priorities.

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Discover how Korah Funds is investing in real estate assets to create legacies of wealth, purpose, and direction.